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We've been meaning to tell you how grateful we both are for all your help with our wedding dance. It went very well (not quite perfectly, but only we knew that!) -- and people were really surprised and delighted. We were too.


After all those weeks of practice, it was amazing to perform the dance in the setting for which we'd rehearsed. It provided an intoxicating feeling that added to the wedding experience in a way that is hard to describe. But I'll try ... 


The weekend of our wedding, we were of course like stars at the center of our little world of friends and family. Performing our dance gave us the opportunity to actually do something star-like that intensified the overall glow and excitement. We weren't expecting people to stand up when we entered the room. I wasn't expecting people to clap and cheer as we executed our various moves. But they did, and it was like we were dancing on clouds. It was among the highest points of a weekend full of high points.


All the more so because when we tried to practice that morning in our hotel room, we couldn't get anything right -- it was a disaster. We just had to have faith that we'd rise to the occasion a few hours later.


We didn't hire a videographer, but one of my friends sent me the attached short clip. It shows me leaning back on the hand to hand ... but the dips went flawlessly. :)


Hope you're well. Let us know if you start offering classes.

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